XDM Rules

NOTE: Some of these numbers are modified from the official rules in the XDM handbook. This is mostly for my sake.

Character Stats

TAC – Toughness and Constitution

Used in determining if physical attacks hit and if player is susceptible to ailments

Psych – Intelligence and Wisdom

Used in determining puzzle-solving bonuses and other mental checks

WAH – Mystic power / Luck

Used in determining if spells are successful, if player is susceptible to spells, and how lucky the character is

Health = (20 – TAC) + (20 – Psych)

At zero health, characters are dead (not unconscious).
Produces results from 12 to 26 (Mean 19)

Mystic – Is the characters a magic user?

This is just a true or false value.

It is preferable to be specific to a school/type of magic (the more specific, the more likely character will be successful with spells).

Rolling for creating stats

Roll 3 times: 15 – 1d8
Place results in whichever stats you want (Lower stats means you are better at them)

Optional: Stat adjustment

Decrease the number on any stat by 2, and add 4 points among the other stats.

Rolling against your stats to do stuff

Roll 1d20 + GM determined bonus/negative > your stat

Challenge Rolls

When 2 characters are challenging each other at a task, they do a challenge roll
Both roll 1d20 + their opponent’s stat
Jim and Bill are wrestling. Jim’s TAC is 8, Bill’s TAC is 14.
Jim rolls 1d20 and gets an 11 + (Bill’s TAC: 14) = 25
Bill rolls 1d20 and gets a 13 + (Jim’s TAC: 8) = 21
Jim wins the challenge

Character Attacks

When characters roll a d20 to see if they hit, regardless of the stat associated with the type of attack has the following potential cases:

  1. Player rolls a 20
    1. Player does damage x2
  2. Player rolls a 1
    1. Player does 0 damage
    2. At the discretion of the DM, something bad happens (e.g. may harm themselves or allies)
  3. Player rolls higher than or equal to <stat> (but not a natural 20)
    1. Player does damage
  4. Player rolls lower than <stat> (but not a 1)
    1. Player does 0 damage

XDM Rules

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