XDM EAE Utah 2015

Session 5



Session 4


Ten runs into Bonbon and they decide to go fishing.
Ereshki disappeared during the night.
The remaining players at the ship decide to travel toward the mountain to look for Garuga the Loud.

Session 3
We have an airship, what could possibly go wrong?


Game Events:
Players awoke in the junkyard on the airship. Do-bul was completely missing.
Players decide to proceed to the forest in search of the Beastmen.
Players encounter the Birds and meet Hoosh (vulture) and Bobbycat (toucan) who tell them a bit about the Beastmen and the Beauner Noble Family‘s recent assassination and it’s son in exchange for a shiny coin (from Rothnar) and watch (from Ten).
Players fly north, until they see a storm approaching from the mountains. They decide to try to fly a little longer and try to land in the forest, for tying down the ship to some trees.
They are attacked by the Smog Riders (Air Pirates) (led by Xaldir). Ten smashes their airship into the pirates’ ship, causing both to crash.
Aesur has Dusklord judge the remaining pirates. One is banished, one is killed, Xaldir is put in service of the ship.
Xaldir takes watch that night as players sleep at the ship. He notices a figure at the edge of the forest. With Rothnar and Ten’s help, they track the persons back around to the pirates’ crashed airship. There some kids are playing on the deflating balloon, and a woman is inspecting the balloon. She falls in as Ten surprises her and Ten jumps in after her. Ten begins experiencing hallucinations from the Lyft. The woman transforms to a were-fox, then a full fox. Xaldir jumps in after Ten.
Ereshki wakes up and joins them at the pirate ship, opening the balloon and releasing the air from it.
The woman panics during her transformation and is afraid of Ten. She runs around the edges of the balloon and jumps back out the hole. She escapes (in full fox form) with the children, confusing Ereshki.
Xaldir has hallucinations of a circus tent and lots of animals running around. The Smog Riders are then coming after him in the tent. He tries to grab an animal and ride it, but they always slip out of his grasp. He runs to the circus tent wall (The balloon wall) and cuts his way out. He escapes into a sea of gold (Scrooge-McDuck-style), and swims around on the ground for a few minutes before returning to reality.
Ject and Aesur awaken and join the others at the pirate ship.
Ten transforms into a werewolf and has hallucinations about being trapped in an alleyway. He tries to escape, but there are too many people in the road. He scratches his way out of the crowd (the airship wall) and into the open. He escapes to the tree that him and a childhood friend lived inside for a time, circling the tree for a few minutes. The tree reverse grows into the ground, and buildings grow from the ground. Ten is confronted with a mob boss and his henchmen that hurt him many years ago, and Do-bul is there with a club.
Aesur tries to put Ten (in werewolf form) to sleep, but instead wakens him from his stupor.
Ten, frightened that his secret has been revealed, runs into the forest.
The remaining players gather themselves and return to the ship for a night’s rest.

Session 2
Can I catch a Lyft?


Remember When:

  • Ten introduced Do-bul to gambling and taught him gambling. They haven’t seen each other in 10 years.
    • Ten secretly won a bunch of money off that event (He conned him).
  • Ject pick-pocketed Do-bul and didn’t get away with it. Before the police caught Ject, he threw the money in the water.
    • Don’t stay in contact, but Do-bul knows where Ject lives.
  • Aesur fed Ject at a homeless shelter on some mornings.
  • Rothnar walked into village and saw a naked Aesur trying to exorcise a cat, asking him what he was doing. Aesur kicked him in the nuts and walked off.
    • Aesur was on a religious pilgrimage. He had a reborn moment, but he hardly remembers a span of a week during the process.
  • Ten smuggled some goods for Ereshki and helped her on a bounty

Players awake in Aesur’s home.
Do-bul has a couple dreams and awakens to Aesur’s bird on his chest, chirping at him:

  • A man looking over a crib. Light blue haze in the room. Inside the crib is a small wolf that leaps out and kills him.
  • A woman on trapeze jumps off, falling onto a man with a crown and stabbing him in the heart.

Players remember that they need Lyft and Coal to get the ship off the ground. Do-bul remembers that there is a kid that owes him money (Ject).
Aesur leads Do-bul and Ereshki to the shelter for breakfast and tries to get them to help serve, they don’t.
Ject is at the shelter and talks to Aesur about the other two. Aesur reveals that Ject was in one of his visions, and saved him from a giant wolf.
Ereshki notices that Aesur is having a longer than normal conversation with Ject.
As Do-bul explains what Ject looks like, Ereshki realizes that the kid is the person they’re looking for.
Do-bul aggressively takes 4 gold from Ject.
Ject tells Do-bul about places to steal (without letting Ereshki go).
Rothnar comes in and punches Aesur in the face and then works for Lightbringer for a meal.
Ten meets Do-bul, Ereshki and Ject as they break into the workshop of The Watcher
They find info with The Watcher’s home address on it.
All players meet up at the shelter where Aesur is doing patrol and Ject gets his weapon.
Players investigate The Watcher’s home, and he is there. Aesur and Ten meet him at the door and Ereshki shoots him, nearly killing him.
Do-bul get’s sick from the sight of blood and goes back to his cottage.
Players check out his house, finding binoculars at several of his windows, and steal a bunch of gold from the place.
Ereshki, Ten and Rothnar buy Lyft and Coal from the airdocks.
Aesur and Ject stay behind and Aesur asks Dusklord if The Watcher is guilty, and he was NOT.
Ject runs off and confronts one of the kids that told him that the Watcher was a diddler. Ject knocks the kid out.
Aesur returns the pocketwatch artifact they took from the Watcher to his unconscious body and returns to the airship.
Ereshki cleans the Beastmen vandalism and players access their place on the now working airship.

Session 1
We won an "As-Is" airship!


Remember When:

  • Do-bul and Ereshki met at the funeral of their mutual friend Rahron (Deceased)
    • Rahron was one of Do-bul’s few childhood friends, because of his weight.
    • Rahron distributed jobs to bounty hunters, including Ereshki
  • Do-bul also does drugs.
  • Ereshki was going to arrest Do-bul
  • Aesur tried to exorcise Ereshki

Player Starting Places:

  • Aesur – Has vision about the future and a baby phoenix is sitting on him when he awakes.
    • A woman cased inside a dragon roaring at the sky, and then the dragon launching into the air
    • During a thick fog, a skull falls from the sky and shatters on the ground
    • An explosion in the air is followed by you having your arm ripped off by a giant wolf, and being thrown back. Ereshki, [kat], and Al stand between you and the beast as you turn and see your reflection. Your face has deep circles and rots away as you look at it.
  • Do-bul – Gambling during a Lightbringer charity event, won big and got an airship.
  • Ereshki – Run out of money and on the hunt for a man by the name of Vinno Lassita. Sources say that Vinno is probably a beastman and has moved north to the mountains and forest to be with the pack.

Players meet at junkyard and find out that the airship is not in working order. It has no Lyft and no artifact to power the engine. There is some vandalism on the inside of the ship that has the symbol of the Beastmen.

Players try talk to the original owner (donator) of the airship Terari Kavilion. His butler says it was given to the church as-is. Terari is also said to be sickly.

Aesur goes to talk to church about the issue and try to get an artifact. He also asks each sect about what they think of his vision of the future, getting a different response from each. The high priest of the Lightbringer sect reluctantly gives him a box containing some fake metal teeth. It is NOT known what the teeth actually do.

Ereshki investigates Hagar Ratley, owner of the [[Ratley Trade Co. | Ratley Trade Co.]] during his lunch at the Rusty Nail. He does not immediately seem suspicious of illegal activity, so she leaves him alone. He admits to having an artifact, but not being able to afford to give her one to use her ship as a merchant ship.

Do-bul bets on sailboat races. He uses his old friend Bilbo to sneak into the back and look at the betting house’s books. There is a boat that is heavily favored to win. He also steals money from the previous night’s winnings that are stored in a chest. He bets everything on the favored boat and loses it all. Do-bul also seduced a random woman, but never got her name, only that she was there with her brother.

Aesur and Ereshki put the teeth artifact into the ship, and it seems to be activating, as the teeth float inside the chamber, and the engine lightly hums.

Players realize they need to make some money to pay for Lyft and coal to run the airship. Aesur talks to a Dusklord informant. The informant tells him about several petty thefts, and an assassination of Gardan Beauner and that the assassin is still at large. Players decide that they must capture the assassin and reap the reward.

Players stay at Do-bul’s cottage for the night.


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