Aesur Treis

Zach Lorenzen



Brown Robe
Sun Shield
2-Handed Mace


Lives in a shack owned by Lightbringer.
Works for Lightbringer in the mornings.

Commonly accompanied by his “pet” phoenix, Phillip

Worships all 3 parts of The Golden Third

Note on Aesur:

Much of the information about this character was taken from the following source:

Originally I wanted to make some sort of cleric based on a sun-god or something… instead I found this religion and am basing my character on the god of that religion. The Etymology of the name Aesur is of course the name of the god found on that dandwiki page. Treis is “three” in Greek.


Aesur is a pursuer of the sun and light. His personality/motivations will subtly change throughout each and every day, though never as much to conflict with his other goals.
1. In the morning, he is a Neutral Good “Lightbringer”. His main goals are to give to the needy and help the unfortunate. He carries no weapons nor armor at this time.
2. In the afternoon he is a Lawful Good “Undefeated Sun”. His main goals are to vanquish evil that presents itself (E.G. murder). He carries a Longsword and shield at this time, along with chainmail. There is a sun emblazoned on the shield.
3. During dusk and late evening he is a Lawful Neutral “Dusklord”. His main goals are to vanquish evil that hides itself (E.G. corruption). He carries a two handed mace at this time, along with chainmail.

The Person

Aesur grew up in the most “suburban” environment you can fathom, especially religiously. The religion they followed is the same that he currently follows. The main difference is that in the church you are expected to try and follow one of the aspects, not all three. His mother was a follower of the Undefeated Sun, and served as a guard in the town militia. It is from her that he learned all his combat training. His father was a follower of the Dusklord, and was a judge for the city’s government, passing judgement on criminals.

Aesur saw no purpose to only following one of the three deities, when you could follow all three. They were meant to work in concert with one another, so why shouldn’t everyone try to be the best they could be. I have earned scorn in the church for blending the aspects, as that goes heavily against tradition, though canonically isn’t “wrong”. Aesur sees himself as a “religious savant.”

The main enemies of Aesur would be evil or chaotic religions. His own church and family could be a deterrent to his own goals, though he doesn’t see them as enemies, just not as good as they could be.

Role on the ship

There are multiple reasons Aesur would wish to be on this ship. Firstly Aesur believe that by spending my life closer to the sun, Aesur would be spending it closer to his gods (Lightbringer, Undefeated Sun, and Dusklord). Secondly, Aesur would be able to learn more of the world (Aesur has never left his little suburban paradise) and become a better person. Thirdly, Aesur could serve as a sort of guard or general helper on the ship (maybe my official role is “public relations”). Furthermore, Aesur would be able to provide emergency support with any sort of dangers the ship faces (E.G. the ship is falling out of the sky, and he call on the Lightbringer to give a favorable wind to soften the landing, or somesuch magic).

Aesur Treis

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