Reilly Gray


TAC: 9
Psych: 11
WAH: 11
HP: 19


Sex: Male
Race: Fetchling
Occupation: Ex-Military Ranger/Scout
Weapon of Choice: Tomahawk
Special Skill: Survivalist
Race Characteristics: Darkvision – 30ft,
Physical Description: Physical Description: Superficially, fetchlings resemble unnaturally lithe—bordering on fragile—humans. Their adopted home has drained their skin and hair of bright colors. Their complexion ranges from stark white to deep black, and includes all the various shades of gray between those two extremes. Their eyes are pupilless and pronounced, and they typically glow a luminescent shade of yellow or greenish yellow, though rare individuals possess blue-green eyes. While their hair tends to be stark white or pale gray, many fetchlings dye their hair black. Some members of higher station or those who dwell on the Material Plane dye their hair with more striking colors, often favoring deep shades of violet, blue, and crimson.


Rothnar was raised in the harsh mountains of Ebonthorn, there he became hardened to the winter climates and how to survive as well. He was raised in a militaristic family, and was always taught to do the right thing, even at the cost of his life, this family value would be his down fall when He was falsely accused of the assassination of a the first born son of the Knightwild family Oteer, he was sentenced to death, but was spared and sent into exile and was never allowed to turn under pain of death. He was given what little supplies his family gave him and marched out into the world. Upon reaching the nearest village, he was set upon by a mysterious assailant, after dispatching him and searching his body, he found a assassination contract for himself, from the Knightwild clan, after this he decided to never stay in the same place for long and become a wander over the lands.


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