Ben Driggs



TAC: 7
Psych: 8
WAH: 11
HP: 26


Horrible gambling problem
Does recreational drugs

Friends with Bilbo

I haven’t fully fleshed it out, but I’ll let you take it and run with it. I want my character to be a kind of turn of the century posh guy. Think metro sexual for that time period. He’s super good at his chosen ability, I can’t decide quite yet if I want to be a subtle nonchalant¬†magic user with a superiority complex or some kind of up close snobbish arrogant duelist who is obviously easily offended. The catch, I’m morbidly obese. Not so obese I can’t move, but big enough that people are secretly surprised by my confidence. Similar to Fat Amy if you know who that is. Let’s see, what else. I’d say, grew up as an only child, spoiled, and always wanted to go on an adventure not every really knowing what that meant.¬†


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