XDM EAE Utah 2015

Session 3

We have an airship, what could possibly go wrong?


Game Events:
Players awoke in the junkyard on the airship. Do-bul was completely missing.
Players decide to proceed to the forest in search of the Beastmen.
Players encounter the Birds and meet Hoosh (vulture) and Bobbycat (toucan) who tell them a bit about the Beastmen and the Beauner Noble Family‘s recent assassination and it’s son in exchange for a shiny coin (from Rothnar) and watch (from Ten).
Players fly north, until they see a storm approaching from the mountains. They decide to try to fly a little longer and try to land in the forest, for tying down the ship to some trees.
They are attacked by the Smog Riders (Air Pirates) (led by Xaldir). Ten smashes their airship into the pirates’ ship, causing both to crash.
Aesur has Dusklord judge the remaining pirates. One is banished, one is killed, Xaldir is put in service of the ship.
Xaldir takes watch that night as players sleep at the ship. He notices a figure at the edge of the forest. With Rothnar and Ten’s help, they track the persons back around to the pirates’ crashed airship. There some kids are playing on the deflating balloon, and a woman is inspecting the balloon. She falls in as Ten surprises her and Ten jumps in after her. Ten begins experiencing hallucinations from the Lyft. The woman transforms to a were-fox, then a full fox. Xaldir jumps in after Ten.
Ereshki wakes up and joins them at the pirate ship, opening the balloon and releasing the air from it.
The woman panics during her transformation and is afraid of Ten. She runs around the edges of the balloon and jumps back out the hole. She escapes (in full fox form) with the children, confusing Ereshki.
Xaldir has hallucinations of a circus tent and lots of animals running around. The Smog Riders are then coming after him in the tent. He tries to grab an animal and ride it, but they always slip out of his grasp. He runs to the circus tent wall (The balloon wall) and cuts his way out. He escapes into a sea of gold (Scrooge-McDuck-style), and swims around on the ground for a few minutes before returning to reality.
Ject and Aesur awaken and join the others at the pirate ship.
Ten transforms into a werewolf and has hallucinations about being trapped in an alleyway. He tries to escape, but there are too many people in the road. He scratches his way out of the crowd (the airship wall) and into the open. He escapes to the tree that him and a childhood friend lived inside for a time, circling the tree for a few minutes. The tree reverse grows into the ground, and buildings grow from the ground. Ten is confronted with a mob boss and his henchmen that hurt him many years ago, and Do-bul is there with a club.
Aesur tries to put Ten (in werewolf form) to sleep, but instead wakens him from his stupor.
Ten, frightened that his secret has been revealed, runs into the forest.
The remaining players gather themselves and return to the ship for a night’s rest.


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